Paleontological Research Corporation. Getting Research Done.

Our objectives at the Paleontological Research Corporation are to provide comprehensive and cost-effective archaeological and paleontological surveys, excavation services, research and analyses for our customers.

For private landowners, our goals are to help you assess the value of your land with regard to archaeological and paleontological remains, fossil plants and animals related to petroleum deposits, and lithic materials (rocks) that may render a commercial value.

For land developers building on government or government subsidiary land, our goal is to accommodate your cultural resource management obligations to ensure Phase I, II, and III requirements are completed to meet planning and construction schedules — in the most cost-effective manner.

For institutions needing an evaluation of a potential archaeological or paleontological site, we travel anywhere and conduct surveys, excavations, and analyses in the most difficult areas including mountain summits, high altitudes, permafrost, dense forests, and marshes.

For CRM divisions needing a qualified archaeologist or paleontologist, we are competitive and ready to enhance your team with an experienced and equipment-ready professional (e.g., with Marshalltown trowel, Munsell soil chart, sharpened shovel, GPS device, laser-range finder, etc.).

For enthusiasts, if you find an artifact or feature you are curious about, do not hesitate to scan a picture of the object or send us a brief description of the item. Many of the greatest archaeological and paleontological discoveries were found by lay explorers and adventurers.

Overview of PRC, Inc., its mission, and objectives by Mr. Jason Sain, C.E.O.
Studies, excavations, and explorations by Dr. Joel D. Klenck, President.