Paleontological Research Corporation Employs Veterans and Indigenous People.

Once you Join the Quest and become a member of the Paleontological Research Corporation, for $50.00 per year, you will acquire the following membership benefits:

  • Access to comprehensive research, which is updated quarterly, on diverse aspects of origin theories, archaeological controversies, and paleontological debates.
  • Maps of ancient catastrophes throughout the earth including meteor and comet impacts, volcanoes, glacial advances, desertification, anoxic oceans, and tsunamis, from the Paleozoic through the Cenozoic eras, which are revised quarterly.
  • Maps of the global distribution of fossils, associated with each period of the Paleozoic through Cenozoic eras, which are renewed quarterly.
  • Bibliographies of publications with quarterly revisions which discuss the locations of ancient plant and animal remains and catastrophic events throughout the globe.
  • Summaries of the theories, arguments, and alleged evidence for the major positions concerning the origins of life and geological strata, human origins, age of the earth, global catastrophes, and other subjects.
  • Links to websites, publications, and public lectures featuring all positions of the origins debate, updated quarterly.
  • Library of Podcasts exhibiting lectures on a wide range of subjects related to origin theories, paleontology, and archaeology.
  • Preferred placement in paleontological and archaeological surveys, excavations, and expeditions conducted by the Paleontological Research Corporation.
  • Let us do the research for you. If our members cite the materials they acquire from the Paleontological Research Corporation and do not profit from these exhibits, they can download these SERVICES and utilize them in their own presentations and research.

Join the Quest and become a member of the Paleontological Research Corporation.